Common Sports Injuries and How Our Las Vegas Chiropractor can help

Sports are vital to maintaining one’s functionality, health, and quality of life. Even so, both recreational and competitive sports may lead to injuries on your musculoskeletal and related neurological systems. Dr. Maria A. Giacalone in Las Vegas has been providing chiropractic services to treat acute and chronic sports injury for years and she is here to help you.

Common Sports Injuries Our Chiropractor Treats

Here at Giacalone Chiropractic, our team will help you recuperate from injuries such as:

Shoulder Injuries: Shoulder joints have a tremendously wide range of motion, making them susceptible to different injuries, including frozen shoulders and rotator cuff. This can result in stiffness, swelling, and inflammation.

Runner’s Knee: While this condition is common in runners, it can also affect any sports person that runs or sprints. It is usually caused by knee joint misalignment or overuse of the muscles, which trigger tenderness around the knee.

Sprains and strains: Sudden twisting motions and lack of flexibility are the major causes of sprains and strains. These injuries usually affect the back and hamstring causing irritation and immobility.

Neck and back injuries: Contact sports are the main culprits of vertebrae misalignment that cause neck and back injuries. The damage to the spine can generate soreness or whiplash and consequently lead to intermittent pain.

Golfers or tennis elbow: Golf and tennis require fine motor skills and thus involve excessive use of the elbow. Golfer’s elbow is characterized by irritability along the inside of the elbow while tennis elbow is along the outside of the elbow.

Chiropractic Care Techniques and How Sports Players Benefit

With a core interest in functionality and movement, the following chiropractic techniques can help with sports injuries.

Kinesiology Taping

Often referred to as Kinesio taping, this technique uses a flexible, waterproof rock tape that is positioned over the injury. It enhances lymphatic circulation and drainage to promote healing. It also stabilizes the muscles and joints to restore muscular strength. More so, your chiropractor can couple Kinesio with therapeutic exercises to rehabilitate and eliminate scar tissue.

Active release and Graston techniques

Both ART and Graston are used to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries. Nonetheless, ART is an entirely hands-on, movement-based therapy while Graston is an innovative soft tissue mobilization technique that uses specially made stainless steel tools. These instruments can detect specific areas exhibiting chronic muscle and tissue fibrosis.

Our Blended Approach Will Help Your Sports Injuries

Giacalone Chiropractic in Las Vegas offers holistic chiropractic treatment that focuses on using your body’s strength to heal itself. With our drug-free, non-invasive, modernized techniques, Dr. Giacalone can treat and prevent injuries using her extensive training. Contact us at (702) 233-3366 and let us help you get back to an active, healthy sports life.